So Much For That Theory

Consider this paragraph from Michael Gonzalez’s Wall Street Journal op-ed on the rebranding of La Raza, the Hispanic advocacy group:

The nation’s “Hispanics” are undergoing a radical shift that most politicians are missing: A white majority is likely to persist in America. “Many children growing up today in mixed families are integrating into a still largely white mainstream society,” sociologist Richard Alba noted in American Prospect last year. These children are “likely to think of themselves as part of that mainstream, rather than as minorities excluded from it.”

The name La Raza—“the race” in Spanish—flies in the face of this reality. It is off-putting to many “Hispanics,” an artificial Census category comprising many razas. The organization’s CEO, Janet Murguia, admitted as much in a video announcing the name change: “We must make sure that our name and our organization evolves along with and remains relevant to our ever changing Hispanic community.”

which is exactly what I’ve been predicting for some time. The United States is likely to remain a majority white country for the foreseeable future. The definition of whiteness will change over time to accommodate that majority, just as it changed between 1820 and 1870 and again between 1900 and 1960. In the 19th century the Irish weren’t considered white; in the early 20th century neither Jews nor Italians were. There are still a few Anglo holdouts these days but for most Americans the definition of whiteness has changed. Political parties take note.

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  • Andy Link

    Wow, never realize La Raza was The Race.

    Makes sense though, the census and other mandated federal statistics collection have already separated hispanics as an ethnic origin from race.

  • I’d thought about getting into that a bit more but decided against it because it would dilute my main point.

    The entire idea of La Raza is completely consistent with 20th century Latin American social thought. Many of the countries of Central and South America explicitly define themselves as mestizo countries. That undercuts their large indigenous Indian populations pretty severely.

  • Andy Link

    That comment reminded me of something read earlier this year – I dug up the link:

    TLDR: Many jobs in Brazil have racial quotas and there is process to determine if one is non-white enough to qualify. No mention of Native populations.

  • Guarneri Link

    “Many children growing up today in mixed families are integrating into a still largely white mainstream society,…”

    Mark Steyn pointed out in a book years ago that the US’ immigration issue was fundamentally different than Europe’s. Latin Americans, with Catholic religious and other culturally similar history were far more likely to assimilate and be assimilated than (especially Sharia-bound) Muslims migrating from the Middle East and North Africa into Italy or France.

    BTW – just having returned, I will tell you it is one awful immigrant mess in Italy. Perhaps past the point of no return. I wonder what Sweden is like.

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