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Yesterday I was notified by my web hosting company that my site had been hacked. I performed some cleanup and a long-postponed update to my content management software and plug-ins.

I have now updated to the latest software versions. If anyone experiences any peculiarities in the behavior or display of The Glittering Eye, I would appreciate it if you left reports in the comments to this post. In your reports please include the browser you are using and its version.

The browser I typically use is Opera but I have also done some cursory checkout with Internet Explorer and Firefox. So far I have found no problems and to my admittedly weak eyes the display of the blog under all three browsers is better than it was under the old version. That could be an artifact of my monitor, an Asus PB238Q, with which I am delighted.

I may be tweaking things for a while so I ask for your indulgence.


Some of you may have encountered a problem when attempting to enter comments. I identified a problem when entering comments via Internet Explorer only. No problems entering comments via Firefox or Opera. I have isolated the problem to one plug-in. I’ll keep that plug-in deactivated until I’ve found a permanent solution.

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