Saying It With Charts and Graphs

While I’m on the subject of the economy, you might want to take a look at this post from Doug Short. In a whole raft of charts and graphs with not a lot of excess verbiage he says much the same thing I did yesterday, i.e. we’re probably not diving into another recession just yet.

It’s nice to see somebody trotting out data that supports conclusions I’ve basically come to by having my ear to the ground.

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    Alternately, the recession never ended. Your prior post on employment certainly points to that.

  • Ben Johannson

    No, this is a problem of how recessions are defined. We can have a contraction in the 1st quarter of 2.9% and growth in the next three totaling 2%, yet we’ll say we aren’t in “recession”. In every way which matters outside a classroom, we are.

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