Samoyeds Are Crazy

It’s 2°F here.

They’re snow-bathing.

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    They’re grokking the snow.

  • PD Shaw Link

    Damn its been cold. Sixth day of school cancellations today, which is as many as the previous five years combined, and would not be shocked if tomorrow is cancelled. BTW/ I think two of those days were called for snow, the other four were for double digit wind chill. I’ve seen some misinformation about the relationship between snowfall and school cancellations.

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    Damn its been cold.

    So you’re saying you don’t want to hear about the blast of cold air here that dropped the day time temps into the 60s? I mean for today? It’ll be back in the 70s tomorrow. But this is a danged sight cooler than the 80s we were promised on Monday and that we got on Tuesday.

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    No, we get hot weather too. I feel like the Twain phrase, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes,” was really meant for the Continental Climate, and not New England.

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    Dave, do you have any recommendations on salts for the ice? I’ve had a large bag for fifteen years that did well by me, and a quick google suggested that what I want is magnesium chloride, as the strongest, but least harmful to plants, animals and concrete. My local Ace had either cheap rock salt or stuff that promised to burn the ice, potential side effects may include nausea, impotence, and listing by the EPA as a Superfund site.

  • Because of the critters we tend to err on the safe side. We use Safe Paw or one of the equivalents.

    Salt is probably the worst choice. It’s hard on bare paws, on household surfaces, and only effective down to about 20°F

  • Ben Wolf Link


    How is Tally?

  • Well, she’s old. She’s now just over 15 years, 10 months. A bit feebler but still happy.

    We can’t allow her to go outside with the younger dogs. They play too rough. She still loves the cold and snow but her coat is thinner than it used to be, her skin is more delicate, and we’re worried about the strain on her internal organs. She snow-bathed a bit, too, yesterday but that alarmed me and I rushed outside to bring her in.

  • PD Shaw Link

    Thanks Dave, I figured you’d have given consideration for your pets. I’ll be looking around at a superstore this weekend for some better options than I saw.

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