Sabotage, With Hijack Still in the Cards

The most recent information on missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 suggests that either sabotage or hijack are likely possibilities:

Two sources said an unidentified aircraft that investigators believe was Flight MH370 was following a route between navigational waypoints when it was last plotted on military radar off the country’s northwest coast.

This indicates that it was either being flown by the pilots or someone with knowledge of those waypoints, the sources said.

The last plot on the military radar’s tracking suggested the plane was flying toward India’s Andaman Islands, a chain of isles between the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal, they said.


A third source familiar with the investigation said inquiries were focusing increasingly on the theory that someone who knew how to fly a plane deliberately diverted the flight.

“What we can say is we are looking at sabotage, with hijack still on the cards,” said that source, a senior Malaysian police official.

I wonder what the going rate for a Boeing 777 is these days.

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  • Tim

    Re: “I wonder what the going rate for a Boeing 777 is these days.”

    Probably exactly what it was a week and a half ago. They’ve made over 1100 of them, and if this is a fatal crash, it will be the second (and the first where the entire aircraft went down). Airlines are in the business of flying planes, which means they’re in the business of buying planes, and the 777 is at one of the safest of a collection of very safe Western-made jets, and the 777s enjoyed economic advantages (size, range, fuel burn), which have only recently been challenged by Airbus.

    I don’t see anyone saying, well, gee, I guess I won’t go to Europe (or I’ll cruise there instead) because one of them went down.

  • I don’t know that it went down. I’m thinking black market, Tim.

  • ...

    Perhaps Airbus is behind this, in an effort to making the 777 look bad.

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