Re-Taking the Political Compass

Just for fun I re-took the Political Compass test. As usual my views wander around the very center of the compass. At this point my views among political parties most closely resemble those of the British Liberal Democratic Party or among governments the Finnish government which sounds about right to me.

Still centrist after all these years. It’s no wonder that I’m disaffected.

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  • I just took it and am the same slightly-left, slightly libertarian guy that I’ve been for a long time.

  • PD Shaw Link

    Slighly-right, slightly libertarian.

  • Yeah, me too.

    Left/right: 1.25
    Libertarian/authoritarian: -.82

    That’s a bit more extreme than the last time I took the test. My results then were

    Left/right: .25
    Libertarian/authoritarian: -.25

  • Drew Link

    Economic: 4.3
    Social: -.6

    I’m not surprised. In business, I believe in the private sector, not the wonders of a central authority, and that comes from first hand experience. I think the empirical evidence is on my side. (And I would suggest that the inflection point in this survey is artificial.) Socially, clearly libertarian, but not bohemian.

  • steve Link

    On the line left/right. 1/3 of the way down on the libertarian scale.


  • jan Link

    economic left/right 1.38
    social liberal/authorian -2.10

    I’m not really sure what to think of this ‘compass.’ My score, though, graphs me more to the center, then to the extreme ends.

  • michael reynolds Link

    -.38 Left/Right and -4.77 Authoritarian/Libertarian.

    So I’m a centrist who thinks you should be able to smoke some weed while looking at porn.

    And yet there’s not a single major candidate who supports that position.

  • samwide Link

    I guess this makes me pretty something:

    Economic Left/Right: -4.25
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.87

  • Drew Link

    “So I’m a centrist who thinks you should be able to smoke some weed while looking at porn.”

    You makin’ news?

  • michael reynolds Link


    I’m thinking 3rd Party. Our slogan will be, “F-ck it, let’s spark a bowl and watch a porno.” We’d get a third of the vote — if they remembered to vote.

  • My wife follows Southern California news assiduously. The other night she came across a headling: “Pot Farm Found in Santa Monica Mountains”. Pot farm not found in Santa Monica Mountains. Now that would be a story. You could probably carry some states.

  • Drew Link

    “We’d get a third of the vote — if they remembered to vote.”

    I’m thinking a third is a tad ambitious……….but of course the non-prostrate, Stooges watching, or Cap’n Crunch eating portion of the vote is the key.

    Good luck, but I think that may winnow the vote. On second thought, Obama DID get elected.

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