Rallying for license

Now Los Angeles has had a demonstration on behalf of illegal aliens. We had one here in Chicago a few weeks ago which I covered on The Glittering Eye.

I said my piece on immigration here and I don’t plan on expanding on it much at this point. The citizens of the United States have a right to regulate immigration here in any way they see fit and to enforce those laws with means suited to the end. Non-citizens have no say whatever in the determination.

Almost everything I’ve seen in the blogosphere today on the subject has been romantic claptrap. The fact is that illegal aliens have broken the law. That many come here seeking a better way of life is irrelevant. All criminals want a better way of life and see their crimes as a means to that end. It’s no excuse.

That some illegal aliens succeed here and have much to be thankful to this country for is irrelevant, too. As Honoré de Balzac put it “Every fortune begins with a crime”.

We’re in urgent need of controlling our southern border. Contraband of all sorts is coming across and we can’t control the contraband without controlling the migrants. We can’t control the migrants without limiting the migration.

The contraband isn’t just drugs and sex slaves. It may be bombs, toxins, and biological weaponry, too.

No nation in the world recognizes a free right of migration. Even that most extravagant of documents the Universal Declaration of Human Rights doesn’t recognize such a thing.

But I’m sure the fuzzy thinkers will prevail.

If I find anything sensible being written on the subject out there, I’ll link to it.

UPDATE: Hmm. I see that the first high school walkout in Los Angeles to march for illegal aliens was from Huntington Park High School, my father-in-law’s alma mater. He would have been so proud.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I’m listing to the round table on ABC’s This Week. Fareed Zakaria, Katrina vanden Heuvel, and George Will are all making the same vapid, misleading, and largely irrelevant comments I’m reading in the blogosphere. The one thing that’s obvious is that political elites believe in open borders.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Dan Berczik of Bloggledygook has published the first post on the subject I’ve found so far that hits no sour notes.

Callimachus of Done With Mirrors has assembled some interesting immigration facts.

Andrew Samwick of Vox Baby makes the relevant points: we need to control our borders, we have a right to do so, and the consequent right to implement the necessary means. The rest if fallacious, politically motivated, racially motivated, irrelevant or all of the above.

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  • LaurenceB Link

    As you say, the U.S. has a right to limit immigration and my choose the means. No disagreement there.

    The reason I will likely join the rally in Atlanta (if there is another one) is because I believe that the amendment recently passed by the House will be wildly ineffective and inhumane to boot. From what I’ve read, it appears to concentrate solely on punishing the illegal immigrant, rather than solving the problem. The McCain/Kennedy amendment supported by the President is much better (though not perfect).

    That’s why I will probably be at the rally. It’s not because I think that illegal immigrants should have a say in U.S. policy, nor is it because I believe there should be open borders, nor is it because I think the U.S. should not be allowed to set its immigration policies. It’s because I find the proposed legislation to be objectionable, and I don’t want to see another mistake made. I suspect many of those at the rally hold the position I do. Does that make sense?

  • LaurenceB Link

    “my choose the means” should be “may choose the means”. Sorry.

  • send theses mexican labors back to mexico and leave a us citizen work instead. we do not need mexican half ass labor. they are a burden to the usa, and all its social systems

  • send theses mexican labors back to mexico and leave a us citizen work instead. we do not need mexican half ass labor. they are a burden to the usa, and all its social systems

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