Puzzled, Again

Can someone please explain something to me? Recently, I heard the president touting the growth in U. S. exports, saying exports were on track to double as he had promised. What in the world is he talking about?

If he’s talking about growth since the trough (which took place in 2009), it’s so modest a goal as hardly to be a goal at all. If he’s talking about growth relative to the peak (which took place in 2007), we’re not remotely close to doubling that.

If he’s talking about real growth in exports, that’s been flat for decades.

When he first mentioned this goal several years ago, I remarked on it. The U. S. exports an enormous amount already. Doubling that in real terms is a tall order. For that to occur other countries would need much higher incomes than, in fact, they have. Our balance of trade problems aren’t because we don’t export enough; they’re because we import too much.

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  • Drew calls everyone that doesn’t agree with him a mental case. What kind of mental disorder is that?

  • We call them snotwads. I don’t refer to the directory.

  • Why are these people hanging back? I paid taxes shortly after my husband died. I have the Non-Suit in hand, which I had to kick mightily to obtain, mind you. It’s been out there three weeks now.

    What IS the fuck wrong with these people?

  • I’ve been calling people twice a day, every day, with appropriate details. Sunoco won’t call me back.

  • o_O

  • Janis, everything takes longer these days. When my sister FINALLY signed over her half of the house to me (for far more money than it was worth – and in a deal that was needlessly complicated because my sister wanted it structured in such a way as to imply I should divorce my wife, and don’t even ask….), it took their lawyer 43 fucking days to send the paperwork to the County Comptroller’s office – about two miles away from the attorney’s office. GRRR. Someone with no arms and legs could have bitten the paperwork and rolled it to the comptroller’s office faster. And that was with me starting to prod them after two and a half weeks with nothing happening. GRRR.

  • Janis, you’re missing that one final screw. I’m knitting with only one needle. And Drew? To be honest he hasn’t got a clue.

  • Someone with no arms and legs could have bitten the paperwork and rolled it to the comptroller’s office faster.

    And yes, that’s accounting for the marauding swans in downtown Orlando.

  • AND my idiot brother-in-law screwed up a simple piece of paperwork that has needlessly complicated by tax position with the Lewis Co. (WV) Sheriff. GRRR.

  • Bullshit, Ice.

    People are covering their butts because they can’t find the time to do the damn work. cf. Lineberger.

    This man at Goldston answered his phone the first time I called. I was harsh. I later apologized, knowing it was not at all his fault, and now we’re buddies. He’s 53. Has three teen boys. His wife is an insurance adjustor.

  • I _HATE_ freakin’ tax disputes, especially with law enforcement types.

    Snotwads seems as good a term as any..

  • Second period above bolded and italicized, for extra ‘UMPH’.

  • Oh, I did not at all mean to imply it wasn’t bullshit. It’s just that it’s piled so freakin’ high and deep these days that people just don’t understand direct action any better than they understand direct language. Weasel actions to be covered by weasel words.

  • There oughta be a PsfhD degree that one can get after a PhD.

  • Bunch of obfuscating son a bitches…

  • As for not doing the damned work, in the case of the deed to my house I KNOW everything was done, except for putting the paperwork in an envelope and mailing it, or giving it to the legless, armless courier previously mentioned. They even had the freakin’ stamp and envelope. It was either monumental incompetence or my sister and/or BiL instructing the lawyer to fuck with me some more. After my dealings with that attorney it’s impossible to know for certain, either explanation seems equally likely.

  • Oh, if anyone here ever has someone they don’t like that needs an attorney in Orlando, I can recommend a marvelously untalented & incompetent lawyer to you. I can be reached at stabmaster(dot)icepick(at)att(dot)net.

  • I bet Drew never liked the Hypermodern chess movement either.

  • I think I told Exxon that I’d lost the last thing on the planet that that I really cared for, and to never fuck with a woman who has nothing to lose. Or something like that.

  • While I like you, Ice, that’s not untrue. The big boys don’t like true.

  • Drew

    Everything all right in the critics section??

  • Drew, you have no sense of fun whatsoever. Not to mention bouts of complete brutishness.

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