Profiles in Cowardice

The Illinois legislature has once again demonstrated that they’re willing to make the hard decisions unless there’s the slightest chance they might have to pay a political price for them in which case not so much:

SPRINGFIELD-A so-called “doomsday budget” filled with spending cuts went down in dramatic fashion Friday, drawing only five “yes” votes and thrusting the whole debate over a 2015 state spending plan up for grabs one week away from an adjournment deadline.

A $34.8 billion package was put up on the board in the House early Friday and drew only minimal debate before members rejected the plan by a 5-107 vote.

The plan, sponsored by Rep. Fred Crespo, D-Hoffman Estates, was cast as an alternative spending approach since a bid to extend the 2011 temporary income tax permanently drew only 34 House Democratic votes during an informal poll taken earlier this week by House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago.

“You’ve got to be for something, folks,” Crespo said before the vote.

Once again they’re kicking the can down the road to the veto session. This will have the dual effect of postponing re-approving the tax hike until after the November election and enabling the criminally incompetent and self-serving Illinois legislative majority to blame the otherwise impotent Republican minority for their own nonfeasance.

In Illinois our problems aren’t caused by partisan gridlock but by the cowardly and grasping majority. Democrats control both houses of the state legislator by significant majorities and the governor’s mansion. In theory they can pass anything they care to. In practice they refuse to act because it might jeopardize their offices.

In Illinois more than 80% of state legislators run unopposed. Don’t expect elections to change anything.

The Illinois credit rating limbo. How low can you go?

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  • michael reynolds

    In practice they refuse to act because it might jeopardize their offices.

    Then the problem isn’t the legislators but the electorate. The people generally are the problem in a democracy. They have the power, what they lack is the understanding, the wisdom and the will.

  • Then the problem isn’t the legislators but the electorate.

    I gather you didn’t read the part about 80% of incumbents running unopposed. Short of armed rebellion there’s no practical way of getting alternative candidates on the ballot. In Illinois the system is rigged that way. Unlike California, there’s no way for the voters to change the system.

  • michael reynolds

    What, you people don’t have pitchforks?

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