Without providing any links (they’re easy enough to find) I’ve seen quite a bit of long overdue rumination over whether we really would want to foment a world war over Estonia or Ukraine. It might have been better to have thought about that before admitting former Soviet republics to NATO but I guess better late than never.

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    Estonia seems like more of a natural nation-state than Ukraine, but I admit I’m probably biased on account of the maps from between the world wars and the fate of Paul Keres.

    But NATO really didn’t have much reason to exist past, say, 1995, and I view much of the mission creap of the last 23 years as a combination of lack of vision by the Western elites and bureaucratic self-preservation at all costs. A helluva set of reasons to flirt with WWIII, but I understand NATO will soon get fancy new headquarters, so there’s that….

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