One more remark on the Administration’s latest “commonsense clarification”. Considered adminstrative decisions, prioritizing among conflicting paths in the law, are a legitimate exercise of executive discretion. Hasty spasms of action to preserve the seats of a handful of Democratic senators whose seats have been endangered by the Administration’s fecklessness are not.

Making politics a priority is part of the deal in a system like ours. Sadly, the Obama Administration has exhibited a pattern of behavior in which political exigency is the only value.

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    Embrace the suck, Schuler.

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    I have been thinking of asking for your opinion on the process, as I haven’t seen you comment on it with the attention that I feel it deserves. There has been some criticism of the executive overreach from some quarters, but to me it seems this should be a bigger story even than the unravelling of PPACA itself. It’s completely outrageous, in my opinion, the way they are making this all up as they go along.

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    I don’t think anyone has taken me seriously about Obama’s track record as a no count back bench state senator hear in IL. Or his affiliation with Emil Jones. And if you want to go back further, the track record of “community organizers” and their tactics vis-à-vis banks and small businesses here.

    You may find it outrageous, but it should hardly be a surprise. It was predictable, and predicted. People don’t want to man up and call it like it is. It seems too “extreme” or impolite. Better to be viewed as “moderate.” But the man has no moral compass. None.

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    Obamacare already sorts citizens into different classes based on age, credit scores, geography, income, tax liability and marketing, so obviously the problem is we need more categories. Now we have a “cancellation” category, where people losing their insurance are given more options than those who do not and those who never had it.

    What happened to equality before the law?

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    We’re embracing the ‘suck’ whether we like it or not.


    The overreach has been emphasized, in various media circles, except on the left. I find it worrisome that a President can basically feel he has the power to do whatever he wants. The PPACA is but a subset of all the other incredible unilateral exercises that have been exhibited by this administation.


    I’ve taken you seriously.

    Ben Wolfe,

    The strategy has always been divide and conquer. There is no equality before the law, as the law can be changed at will by this man.

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