Former Colorado Senator (and presidential aspirant) Gary Hart believes that the Bush Adminstration is preparing to engage in a major bombing campaign against Iran.

Marc Danziger of Winds of Change, on the other hand, sees things much as I do:

But politically, in the current environment – absent a YouTube video of Ahmadinejad personally machining plutonium hemispheres while pointing to a map of Washington DC – I can’t imagine that the US political reaction would be survivable for the GOP. And that once the Democrats were sworn in in January, that Bush would then be looking at some serious face time with the Judiciary Committee.

And to those who believe that George Bush will act against Iran without weighing these political considerations:  don’t be childish.  Politicians who achieve high political office don’t get there without weighing the political considerations.

I note in passing that Joe Gandelman sees things almost precisely as I do.

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  • “personally machining plutonium hemispheres while pointing to a map of Washington DC”..the interpretation would be that the plutonium was intended to be used for peaceful nuclear power…and he is pointing at a map of Washington, DC to show the impoverished neighborhoods that he will assist using Iran’s new nuclear-generated prosperity.

  • I have no doubt that they weigh these considerations (I would be shocked if they didn’t), but that doesn’t mean they always come to the right conclusion–this administration’s calculus leaves me with severe doubts…

  • Barnabus Link

    How about a Nov. 15 surprise? Bush has pledged, more than once, that he will not allow Iran to go nuclear. I think you underestimate the effect on his base if he allows that to happen.

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