Please Stand By…

I haven’t lost interest. I’m just tired and very, very busy.

As if what I’ve got on my plate isn’t enough I’m having problems with my web hosting company. If they pull the plug, I’m prepared to move my tent somewhere else but it’s just one more damned thing to do and to worry about.

Here’s what I’m thinking about these days:

  • the new gold rush
  • the Nuclear Posture Review—the end of strategic ambiguity?
  • small-scale nuclear power generation
  • spring
  • administering my mom’s estate
  • saving one of my clients from a recent near-business-death experience (again)
  • how the heck we can appeal to hearts and minds in the world when malicious falsehoods about us are so much more appealing than benign truths
  • the original settlers of Iceland (interesting new archaeological findings)
  • how to figure out where new economic growth will come from
  • we might be getting a new dog

I will be on OTB Radio (check over at Outside the Beltway for details) at 4:30pm today. Pat Lang will be our guest. Pat’s fantastic.

I’ve really got to replace this keyboard. The letters are worn off the keys and, while touch typing isn’t a problem for me, it’s hard on my wife.

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  • Drew Link

    Two points:

    1. I’ve always assumed that professional blog writers used voice recognition software. (Dragon, like I use) That’s an awful lot of typing, Dave.

    2. No disrespect to doggies, but would love to hear your thoughts on the near business death experience (just because of what I do), and growth. (In fact, I think the most under-discussed issue on political blogs is GDP growth. I can’t imagine a more important issue for the Average Joe, and for the finances of the country.)

  • steve Link

    Here is one to consider for when you come back, especially if you have access to Health Affairs.


  • Andy Link


    How dare you put your livelihood and family in front of an electronic hobby!

    Seriously though, those of us who are worth the wait will still be here when life calms down for you.

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