Pass the Relief Plan!

The editors of Bloomberg urge the Congress to pass a second COVID-19 relief bill:

The shape of such a deal isn’t hard to make out. Renewed unemployment assistance of an additional $400 a week (up to a cap on income) would disappoint Democrats holding out for another round of $600 supplements. Yet the households running out of savings would doubtless prefer $400 now rather than the vague possibility of more, depending on what happens, sometime next year. More help for financially stressed states and cities is the concession Democrats could ask in exchange, and that Republicans ought to accept. Again, this might fall short of what states and cities will eventually need. Again, right now, something is better than nothing.

The ball is in Nancy Pelosi’s court now. The House passed its initial version of a second relief bill while the Senate passed it. So far Speaker Pelosi has rejected any compromise with the Senate. Does President-Elect have any influence over her? I don’t honestly know.

There were many problems with the original COVID-19 bill, passed all those long months ago, among them that it actually paid some people more not to work than to work. Reducing the supplements is a crude way of accomplishing that. Administration of the plan was obviously flawed. Can that be remedied as well?

I’m not as convinced as the editors of the prudence of bailouts for state and local governments. If we’re truly all in this together, isn’t a little belt tightening by state and local governments in order? So far we’ve seen none of that here.

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  • CuriousOnlooker Link

    On an amusing sidetrack with naming things. The URL to the link calls it “stimulus” while the title of course calls it “relief”.

    Definition of relief : “assistance, especially in the form of food, clothing, or money, given to those in special need or difficulty.”

    stimulus : “a thing that rouses activity or energy in someone or something; a spur or incentive”.

    If one calls it a relief bill and make the bill actually fit the dictionary definition, then the bill has limited ambitions, make its more toward what Senate Republicans want and would accept. But a lack of ambitions probably kills its attractiveness to Democrats.

    If one calls it a stimulus bill, then it would be more ambitious; and its contours would be more what House Democrats desire. But the word stimulus brings up the aura of ARRA, which is anathema to Republicans.

    My guess is it will either be part of the omnibus budget bill that must be passed by Dec 11, or it is not happening until Feb.

  • Grey Shambler Link

    The priority is of course, Ms Pelosi remaining Speaker.
    All issues of stimulus or relief are secondary. Some of her members see obligation, others see opportunities in the continuing crisis. High unemployment numbers and a looming bankruptcy tsunami bring on calls for socialized medicine or a green new deal.
    Ms Pelosi’s first order of business is to weigh these calls on the Speakers vote scale and establish her position accordingly. Then to cobble together a stimulus bill with something for every member, but most importantly one that will be unacceptable to the Senate obstructionists.
    A problem only the special elections in Ga can solve.
    If those go her way, the bill can be amended in light of the cookie jar being untended for two years.
    Then I suspect the original stated purpose of the bill will be forgotten in the rush to reform and transform this nation in the mold of failing Socialist states.

  • Grey Shambler Link

    Off Topic,
    But if you haven’t seen Giuliani’s presser on C-span, it’s not the joke reported on CNN and others. He has serious charges of organized vote fraud backed up with affidavits .
    Jenna Ellis and Sydney Powell are clear, concise and serious attorneys.

  • steve Link

    “So far Speaker Pelosi has rejected any compromise with the Senate. ”

    Interesting choice. Why not McConnell has rejected compromise? Did I miss something and he said he is ready to make concessions.


  • I’ve been through this before. I probably should post the Schoolhouse Rock entry. The House passed its bill; then the Senate passed its bill. The next step is reconciliation. Speaker Pelosi has outright refused to engage in reconciliation. The ball is in her court.

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