Today must be the day for alarm in DC-Land. Presumably, tomorrow will be Anything Can Happen Day. In his Washington Post column David Ignatius expresses alarm at the political upheaval in both political parties. He’s concerned about a political realignment:

Political systems can be like scientific theories. Sometimes there emerge so many anomalous elements that don’t fit the existing structure that the theory collapses, and a new one arises. In science, that means, for example, that the theory that the sun revolves around the Earth loses its explanatory power, and evidence proves the opposite is the case. In politics, new parties emerge, or the existing ones develop new identities.

We may be entering such a period. The definition of a winning Democrat may be that, in response to Trump’s rambling circus of self-aggrandizement, he or she could create a genuinely coherent new political order.

He expresses longing for a “youthful version of Joe Biden”, surely a contradiction in terms. Why not a live Hubert Humphrey or Adlai Stevenson? Straining as he does to force Kamala Harris or Beto O’Rourke into that mold would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Got it. He wants an old-time liberal who’s been a senator for 35 years.

The realignment about which Democrats should be concerned is that they’ll drive away just enough Jewish or black voters to lose elections they would have won otherwise. They don’t need to lose all of them and they don’t need to become Republicans. All that needs to happen is for some of them to stay home.

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  • Andy Link

    I’ve been wanting a political realignment for decades.

    Be careful what you wish for…

  • Republicans have already trashed Reagan’s coalition. If Democrats are not very careful they will further injure Roosevelt’s coalition. They’ve already jettisoned one of its segments. They cannot replace any of the remaining segments with Millennials or recently-arrived Hispanics for the basic reason that neither group shows up to vote.

  • steve Link

    “recently-arrived Hispanics for the basic reason that neither group shows up to vote.”

    But conservatives claim that millions of illegals vote! Tell me they arent lying! LOL


  • Gray Shambler Link

    The Dems have driven away blue collar workers and point to that as proof of their devotion to diversity. That a joke. Black entertainers and fake Indians. When it comes to minorities within minorities Pygmies are some of the most abused people on earth. Champion them! What? Not photogenic you say?

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