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Politico reports that a small group of vulnerable House Democrats is floating the idea of censure rather than impeachment:

A small group of vulnerable House Democrats is floating the longshot idea of censuring President Donald Trump instead of impeaching him, according to multiple lawmakers familiar with the conversations.

Those Democrats, all representing districts that Trump won in 2016, huddled on Monday afternoon in an 11th-hour bid to weigh additional — though unlikely — options to punish the president for his role in the Ukraine scandal as the House speeds toward an impeachment vote next week.

IMO that ship has sailed. If such a move were to garner anything resembling bipartisan support thereby giving those “vulnerable House Democrats” political cover, it would need to have happened within a week or so of the revelation of “Ukrainegate” while Republicans were still criticizing the president over it.

The House leadership has determined that forcing Democrats representing districts that went for Trump in 2016 to walk the plank is worth it.

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  • TarsTarkas Link

    IMO to survive as Speaker she has to win impeachment article votes, both of them. I think she has the votes without at least some of the vulnerable reps. She’ll let them vote no, the others will campaign saying they were pressured to vote no hoping voters will forget. The two articles of impeachment are weak enough sauce Republican and Democrat senators will use it as an excuse to not even hold a trial so there will be no discovery process which would endanger their freedom.

  • CuriousOnlooker Link

    Many Democratic Congressman will be primaried if he or she does not vote to impeach.

    It probably outnumbers Democratic Congressman at risk of losing their seat in the general for voting for impeachment.

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