OK Boomer

I think there’s connecting thread among the recent remarks of Larry Summers (in the op-ed to which I linked), Joe Biden’s defending himself against charges of just not being Democratic enough darn it, Barack Obama’s critique of “cancel culture”, and Rahm Emanuel’s observations about candidate missteps. To coin a clichĂ©, there’s a battle being waged for the soul of the Democratic Party between the Democratic establishment and the progressive wing of the party.

All of the individuals I mentioned above are party apparatchiks at one level or another. Not only that, they represent those who actually hold the reins of power in the party. Do Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren actually represent the future of the party? Or do they represent a comparatively small number of progressives who want to be the future of the party?

All of the worthies in the list above have actually wielded power. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have been elected to office in two of the oldest, best educated, least religious, and whitest states in the Union. Do they represent the future or a future that cannot be?

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  • Grey Shambler Link

    Yes. I think Liz and Bernie are not electable. Of course, most mainstream moderate Democrats want to see Biden elected because that would mean a return to the Obama administration, same appointees, same policies, business as usual for China. People who got large and well under Obama will be made well. Pelosi wants to placate the left wing, but still elect Joe, because that means business as usual, the gravy train rolls on. But she fears the possibility of Biden being nominated, and Trump just tears him apart. On morals, Princelings and sellouts of public interest. China Joe might be hard to refute. This is open political warfare. Don’t expect Trump to resign even if McConnell cracks.

  • Andy Link

    I have an affinity and love for Millenials because I spent a LOT of time knowing and training them. I don’t think they deserve the bad press they’ve gotten. Gen-Z, not so much. Gen-Z’s calling Gen-Xers “ok boomers” just proves the point.

  • I don’t despise any group of people but I do despise certain behaviors. The “OK boomer” trope is about the same as the “never trust anybody over 30” of 50 years ago. I get it. They think it’s their turn. They think they should be in charge.

    Let me give them a hint. The Baby Boomers aren’t in charge. The Silent Generation is still in charge. Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi—Silent Generation. Hillary Clinton is only barely a Baby Boomer. She doesn’t share the attitudes of Baby Boomers. She’s basically Silent Generation.

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