Now That’s What I’m Talking About

When I talk about geoengineering solutions to solve environmental problems (including global warming), I don’t mean things like huge airborne umbrellas to block out the sun or injecting sulfur dioxide into the upper atmosphere (I’ve seen proposals for both). I mean solutions like this from enGadget:

Air pollution is a huge problem in cities around the globe. The widespread burning of fossil fuels combined with the destruction of air-cleaning forests results in dense concentrations of smog in large urban centers. What’s more, the World Health Organization estimates that air pollution contributes to 7 million premature deaths each year. To address this enormous public health problem, engineers from around the world have developed some cool (and crazy) gadgets to help clean up the air. In Italy, the world’s first vertical forest have inspired designers around the world, but smaller projects are actively fighting pollution too. From a sidewalk that eats smog to an air-cleaning vacuum that turns pollution into jewelry, you’ll be amazed by the ways people are working to improve air quality.

Check out their gallery. Some very cool ideas.

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  • bob sykes Link

    Apparently, they haven’t heard of the Clean Air Act of 1963, amended and expanded several times (thru 1990), and nowadays administered by the US EPA. I can’t speak for European cities, but American cities have clean air. But then, the US is about a generation ahead of the EU in real environmental regulation.

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