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I don’t give a damn what the Republicans need to do, change, etc. to be politically viable at the national level. I don’t care if they’re ever politically viable at the national level again.

Change the subject already.

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  • Jeff Medcalf Link

    Sure, we can all understand the exhaustion. But having a viable multiparty system is essential, as Chicago constantly reminds us.

  • Actually, Chicago demonstrates precisely the opposite. It worked pretty well over a lengthy period as a one party system. You can have viable one party systems (as the Founding Fathers envisioned), you can have viable two party systems, and you can have viable systems in which the Republican Party isn’t viable.

    My point is that the Republican Party per se is not particularly important in the scheme of things.

  • Jimbino Link

    RIP the party that saved the Union and freed the slaves. Now the Democrats are free to make us all equal slaves to socialism.

  • Andy Link

    I don’t much care about the GoP or the Democratic party. I’ve long-been an anti-partisan when it comes to them. Unfortunately they are “too big to fail” so I take predictions regarding their demise with a big grain of salt.

  • Yes, we can.

  • TastyBits Link

    Single party entities usually have multiple factions operating. Chicago politics looks awfully familiar to me, and outsider.

    I would have preferred to see the Democrats imploding, but the Republicans are just as much fun.

  • They were snotty to me, Darlin’.

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