None of the Above

And speaking of NIMBYism, Anne Bradbury’s post at RealClearEnergy is largely an appeal for the Biden Administration to adopt an “all of the above” energy policy. She characterizes present policy as “peak energy absurdity” but I don’t think that’s correct. I think it’s nearing peak NIMBYism: oil imported from the Middle East does not emit carbon while oil produced in the U. S. does.

She does produce some interesting quotes in defense of her position:

  • “Let me answer your question very directly: President Biden remains absolutely committed to not moving forward with additional drilling on public lands.” (Gina McCarthy, April 2022).
  • “We have to put the industry on notice: You’ve got six years, eight years, no more than 10 years or so, within which you’ve got to come up with a means by which you’re going to capture [emissions], and if you’re not capturing, then we have to deploy alternative sources of energy.” (Secretary John Kerry, April 2022).
  • “Oil prices are decreasing, gas prices should too…. Oil and gas companies shouldn’t pad their profits at the expense of hardworking Americans.” (President Joe Biden, March 2022)

I not see how those quotes can be reconciled with the claim that the Biden Administration is doing everything it can to increase domestic oil and gas production.

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