Noah, This Is the Lord

“How long can you tread water?”

Chicago is having a rainfall of historic proportions:

The Chicago region was pounded by rain overnight, with as much as one inch per hour falling, flooding underpasses and closing major roadways.

“Unfortunately it looks like we’re going to be stuck in this (weather) pattern through the morning and possibly into the afternoon,” said Kevin Birk, a National Weather Service meteorologist.

The nearby Edens Expressway is flooded; cars stalled in the underpass are completely under water. Our backyard is covered with between one and five inches of water. When we awoke at 4:00am in front of our house the street was completely filled with water, the sidewalks were covered, and the water had risen to cover portions of our front lawn.

One of our cars started fine; the other won’t turn over. I’m guessing an alternator problem. It’s just too darned wet.

I am now going to walk the dogs. I may wear a lifejacket.

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  • CStanley Link

    Here in GA it is raining pollen. Today is a relatively mild 2400 pollen count. A week ago it was over 8000 and there was a thick, streaming yellow haze in the air. Now we just see the layers of it on our cars, sidewalks, and porches.

  • TastyBits Link

    I will remind everybody to get flood insurance. You never flood until you do. Check your homeowner’s insurance for what is not covered. You may need to get some riders for other problems.

    Good luck finding affordable non-governmental flood insurance.

  • PD Shaw Link

    Last month we were under water restrictions from the ‘012 drought, then a few weeks later, a record 24-hour snow event, and now flooding over saturated ground. Nobody told me there would be weather.

  • Red Barchetta Link

    And, being the moron I am, my 700 series BMW sits, unable to start, in a pool of water. And all I wanted was coffee……..

  • Remember the dogs are better swimmers than you are….just in case.

  • michael reynolds Link

    Steve V:

    Long day, and that image — Schuler being hauled through the flood by his dogs — gave me a laugh.

  • michael reynolds Link

    Meanwhile, I spent the day driving around LA in a convertible with an author. I used sunblock but I’m worried I may be a bit burned nevertheless.*

    *Answering the question, “Why do you pay 10% state income tax?”

  • Andy Link


    You could do that in Florida and pay no income tax.

  • Red Barchetta Link

    Fuck you, Michael. 😉

  • Red Barchetta Link

    BTW – My taste in comedy is a bit darker………but the title reference, and the underlying Bill Cosbey skit is brilliant.

  • Remarkably, that comedy sketch is more than 50 years old now. I wasn’t sure anybody would get it.

  • steve Link

    Still a special place in my heart (funny bone?) for Buck Buck and Fat Albert.


  • Long day, and that image — Schuler being hauled through the flood by his dogs — gave me a laugh.

    No problem man.

  • Red Barchetta Link

    You have an aging following, Dave. And you are getting older. Not me though, you understand……

    I think Bill Cosby is brilliant. And I can practically recite that entire skit. Life is short. Enjoy what the creative can produce. They don’t mak’m like that often.

    I enjoy making arcane references as well. Sometimes people get them….sometimes not.

    Heh. Like Red…….

  • And you are getting older.

    Which isn’t so bad when I consider the alternative.

  • PD Shaw Link

    I think I still have some Cosby lps, but I don’t think I have a functioning lp player

    I think i always like the ones about his brother, his friend Weird Harold, going to see the creature feature, and getting his tonsils out. Did not remember the Noah bit.

  • PD Shaw Link

    Note: lp stands for long playing record.

  • steve Link

    Still have my old Bose turntable and haul it out occasionally to amaze the kids. Still have the old Krell pre-amp that lets me run phono through it.


  • Andy Link

    I hadn’t seen that skit before, though I love Cosby. My favorite is still the one where he talks about pregnancy, his wife giving birth and fatherhood.

  • Red Barchetta Link

    “Note: lp stands for long playing record.”

    So you are an old fart, too?

    “My favorite is still the one where he talks about pregnancy, his wife giving birth and fatherhood.”

    Ooof. I got that one down almost line by line too.

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