No Law Unto Itself

The Chicago Tribune has published an editorial calling for a special prosecutor to look into the IRS’s apparently selective and politically-motivated investigations:

Why hasn’t Attorney General Eric Holder appointed a special prosecutor? The White House, too, should be clamoring for one: The feds are only three months from enrolling Americans in Obamacare, a program that relies on citizens’ willingness to have the IRS even more involved in the financial details of their lives.

We applauded when Obama said he would make sure there will be no such future scandal. But lofty pledges aren’t enough. The president and his underlings ought to be instructing a special prosecutor to unravel the still mysterious scandal that confronts them today.

I continue to think that the scandal won’t reach the White House. However, the longer it festers and the longer the fiction that the IRS is able to investigate itself or that the Holder Justice Department is free from political motivation the more likely it is that it will.

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  • steve Link

    If they can have a special prosecutor whose investigation is limited to the IRS, they should do it. If they are going to get another Ken Starr, forget it.


  • jan Link

    The president is insulated from all these scandals. The democratic machine has built walls around him so he will go unscathed. It’s ironic, too, because as President, he should be responsible for the government he has put into place and oversees. But, that doesn’t seem to be the case for this president. When there is credit to be taken, though, he is front and center. However, when there are problems to be dealt with, he continues to have an Alfred Newman stance of complete ignorance in what is happening.

    As far as the appointment of a special prosecutor, I doubt Eric Holder wants anything to do with it. The Congress, though, seems to want to continue leaching info out of the closed-mouthed IRS, displaying all their ineptness and partisanship to the people before it goes for a special prosecutor, which will then take it out of the public eye for some time, until resolved.

    Nonetheless, I’m so disappointed and done with this administration. It’s become a circus of errors and omissions, IMO.

    BTW, has anyone seen the Bret Baier Benghazi special this weekend? It follows the timeline of events, stringing the State dept, POTUS, Military actions all together into a more cogent explanation of what happened when.

  • jan Link

    I am just going to print the entirety of this short piece by Larry Johnson, entitled Why is Obama so out of touch? Now for many of you this is not how you perceive the current POTUS. But, for me and others, it is how our government looks today — bazaar, stupid, and not in sync with doing it’s best for the people!

    Why is Barack Obama now so obsessed about the constitutional right to participate in homosexual acts and shutdown coal production? Are those really the top priorities for this nation? While he is celebrating those “hot button” issues, Obama is running around Africa, taking his family on a sweet vacation at taxpayer expense. Meanwhile, festering foreign policy issues remain front and center–Syria, the collapse of the Arab spring, heightened tensions with Russia and China, the revival of civil war in Iraq and the failure to secure Afghanistan.

    The erosion of American power and influence in the Middle East is alarming and unprecedented. I have noted in prior pieces that the mess Obama confronts in the Middle East was not of his making. George W. Bush and his crowd sowed those seeds. They enabled Iran to become the dominant force in the region and unspooled the simmering civil war between Sunnis and Shias, which is slowly and inexorably spreading throughout the region. But the feckless response to the rise of radical Islam in Egypt and Tunisia and Libya is all on Obama. That was not the work of George W. Bush.

    We now have the spectacle of the Obama Administration publicly inserting itself into the Syrian civil war. It is one thing to pursue a clandestine program to arm and train rebels. That approach preserved plausible deniability for the President. But to publicly announce a “secret” program to arm and train rebels, which Obama has done. That is crazy and incompetent. Such a naive policy puts us squarely on a collision course with Russia. That is a dangerous policy.

    Obama’s missing-in-action Presidency poses a direct and significant threat to America’s national security. He needs to get his butt out of Africa, on the plane and get back in the Oval Office and start doing his job.

    BTW, one of the reasons I’ve heard why Obama is traveling to Africa is to drum up business, especially in the natural gas and fossil fuel areas. However, that seems odd, as he has done everything to keep a lid on production of these energy sources, on federal lands, promoting expensive and inefficient green energy instead. His renewed interest in curbing clean coal production, is but one example of this administrations hell-bent desire to increase the cost of energy in this country, just so Obama can leave a green energy legacy — or something like that.

  • steve Link

    I believe you are always supposed to capitalize BENGHAZI (like this) when you refer to it.


  • I have some disagreement with those who think that the Benghazi thing, the various IRS scandals, the NSA-Snowden affair, etc., etc. don’t have any legs because a) there’s no cover-up, b) there’s no proof of White House involvement, and c) people don’t much care.

    I think that taken in combination they’re just as damaging as a Watergate-style scandal because they undercut the assumptions under which the president is governing: the benignity and competence of the federal government.

  • Andy Link

    I agree with Dave, but would put it a bit differently: No one gives a shit about governance unless it potentially damages a political enemy.

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