Newspaper Endorsements—the Stretch

We’re coming down to the stretch in this presidential election (finally!) and by my reckoning the number of newspapers, magazines, and other publications endorsing Barack Obama’s re-election is 118 while the number endorsing Mitt Romney’s election is 105. The number of publications who’ve switched sides, i.e. that endorsed Obama in 2008 but are endorsing Romney now or that endorsed McCain in 2008 but are endorsing Obama now, are continuing to run 5:1 in Romney’s favor.

This is very clearly a different election than 2008. I continue to think that the advantage is with Obama but, truly, anything can happen. I don’t honestly see where those who are absolutely positive that Obama will win or absolutely positive that Romney will win are getting their confidence.

My gut-level feeling is that Americans are preparing to cast their votes for the status quo, Republicans in control of the House and Democrats in control of the Senate and White House. Like the Bourbons they have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

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  • PD Shaw

    The Peoria Journal Star has endorsed Romney; they endorsed Obama four years ago. The argument is essentially that Obama is a spent force and while concerned about Romney, he is the only one of the two that has a chance of dealing with the major issues during the next four years.

  • Same story with the New York Daily News. In the News’s case it’s the economy, stupid. The News endorsement makes the point that New York’s economy has declined more since Obama’s taking office than any other.

  • steve

    I am surprised that I have not seen any paper make the argument that they are supporting Romney because they think the GOP will be more willing to compromise if he is in office. I think that is the best argument for independents. My email groups are convinced the only way Obama wins is if the Dems cheat. Doesnt bode well for governing if he wins.


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