Newspaper Endorsements: Chicago Jewish Star

The Chicago Jewish Star has endorsed Mitt Romney for president:

Contrary to the implications of Mr. Obama’s 2008 statement, Americans provided for the sick before his time; the rise of the oceans did not begin “to slow” and our planet did not begin “to heal”- not in a metaphoric sense and not in a real one.

Mr. Obama’s unsatisfactory direction for America was rooted in untenable assumptions, fueled by arrogance, and promoted by divisiveness. We don’t need more of that.

It is not only that Mr. Obama thus deserves to be a one-term proposition; it is that Mr. Romney is simply the better bet for our country.

The Chicago Jewish Star is a Chicago newspaper with a largely Orthodox Jewish readership. The newspaper endorsed Barack Obama in 2008. The Star changed publishers in 2011. The endorsement does not appear to have made it into the Star’s online presence yet so I’m publishing a link to a blog post on the endorsement as a substitute.

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