My Mom’s Jonquils

They say that rosemary is for remembrance. For me it’s jonquils. One of my siblings dug the jonquil bulbs from my mom’s yard, gave some of them to us, we planted them, and here they are.

My mom planted these jonquils more than fifty years ago. She had bought them from the nursery of a man who’d been a gardener at Shaw’s Gardens. If the man were alive today, he would be, what, 120 years old? It was a day trip from St. Louis. Festus? I’m not really sure where it was. Wherever it might have been I’m certain it’s gone now. There were fields and fields of jonquils. I have some pictures of it somewhere around here. Perhaps I’ll post them some time.

I don’t remember the man’s name but the story was that he had, er, liberated them from Shaw’s Gardens. That would mean they’re on their fourth life. First at Shaw’s Gardens, then at the nursery, then at my mom’s for a half century, and now here.

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  • jan Link

    Aren’t these daffidels?

  • PD Shaw Link

    Shaw’s Gardens is quite a beautiful treasure. Have not been there for a while, but it was great when the kids were younger and you wanted to tire them out on a Spring day. The Japanese gardens were particularly good, though some of the bridges and structural features were in need up updating or repair last we were there. (No known relation BTW)

  • Jan (Surkamp) Johnson Link

    If I remember correctly, the jonquil fields were at Lee’s Summit, Missouri. The reminded me of the poppies in the Wizard of Oz. I never forgot tthe beautiful fields of yellow!

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