My Mom’s Birthday, 2014

Today is my mom’s birthday and I thought I’d share a few pictures of her with you. I’m guessing that she’s about four in the picture above. I like this one because I think it captures a certain aspect of my mom’s personality.

Here’s a picture I just can’t resist sharing:

because it captures another aspect of her personality. I’m all but certain that my grandmother made all of the outfits she’s wearing in the pictures here. Not only was my grandmother a lead performer in the vaudeville company, she was also the costume-maker.

Okay. Here’s another one.

Always a ham. There’s a story I think I heard when one of Ruby Keeler’s children was being interviewed. When asked if she had known that her mom was a big star, she replied “No, I thought that everybody’s mom tap-danced around the kitchen.” I could really identify with that.

I’m not sure what else I can tell you about my mother. I miss her very keenly. I miss her wisdom and her joy but most of all I miss her friendship. She was my oldest, my first friend.

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  • Susan Glenn Link

    Thanks for the memories, Dave, and the photos. The last one was new to me. I stopped by hoping to see a post for Mom’s birthday. I know we are all thinking about her, and seeing your post helps bridge the miles.

  • Claire Link

    I had not seen these exact pictures! Missing her, as we all do. Thanks for this sweet post, David.

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