I haven’t told you yet about Mira, the youngest member of our pack. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, I don’t have a picture I really like of her yet. The picture up above there was taken shortly after Mira came to us more than a year ago by the folks at the Chalet Nursery. They were so taken by her that they had this picture up on their web site for a while. Mira’s out for her first shopping trip with my wife and, as you can see, it had been a pretty grueling experience.

The second reason is what do you say about a nineteen-month-old junior? Is there anything cuter than a Samoyed puppy? The world is their oyster and well they know it. Full of adventures to have and dogs to play with and people to love. Mira was the first-born of a litter of ten and one of three to survive. She and her surviving sisters fought with all their mights to life and it was touch-and-go there for a while. That’s why we’ve called her Kendara’s Mirabile Dictu—Latin for “wondrous to relate”. And she is, indeed, wondrous. She is a very loving girl.

And what a life she has in front of her! She may be a show dog if that seems like something she wants to do. That’s a decision we’ll be making fairly soon. I love her front end and she’s got a great coat. She doesn’t have Tally’s perfect movement or Jenny’s beautiful float but she moves pretty well. And she’s got a very showy temperament. As Mary, her breeder, says she sparkles.

She’ll certainly be a working dog. That’s something she was born to do. She’s already a member of our sled team and shows great eagerness and desire to please. We’ve started training her for pack hiking—that’s something we’ll start in earnest in the spring. She shows some promise as a herding dog—she’s already herding us and her fellow packmates.

And we hope she’ll be a therapy dog. She certainly has a tremendous love of people. She’ll have to develop a little more control. But once again her willingness to please will probably carry her through. Her obedience classes have gone pretty well.

I love watching her learn from every new experience and mimic the behavior of the older dogs. You can see her imitate Qila or Jenny or sometimes even Tally. She could do a lot worse.

Then in 10 or 12 years after a life full of love and wonderful adventures she’ll be a grand old lady and doze in front of the fire dreaming of the good old days that we’re having right now.

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  • She’s beautiful! Thanks for having her join this week’s Carnival 🙂

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