MBS’s War Against Yemen

The editors of the Washington Post declaim:

Congress, which has long been uneasy with U.S. support for the Yemen war, must now act. All funding for U.S. support for the intervention should be halted and further arms sales put on hold until the offensive ends, humanitarian assistance flows freely and peace talks are underway.

I agree. Mohammed Bin Salman started this war under the narrowest of pretexts. He is no liberal and, regardless of his public relations tour, he is not our friend. Not only should we stop supporting his war in Yemen, we should reconsider our aid to Saudi Arabia.

But let’s not try to turn support for MBS’s war on Yemen into a partisan issue. Obama’s drone war was one of the factors that contributed to destabilizing Yemen in the first place. Supporting MBS’s war was a bipartisan blunder and it deserves a bipartisan solution.

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  • steve Link

    Don’t think you can leave Iran out of this. The anti-Iran contingent seem to feel compelled to support Saudi Arabia in whatever they do.


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