Kerry concession speech

I’m listening to John Kerry’s concession speech as I’m writing this post. There’s a very discernible tear in his voice. He’s been quite warm, genuine, and gracious. As with Al Gore in 2000, nothing has become his race so much as his leaving it. I really believe that if either of these guys had campaigned with the same tone and emotion as they had in their concession speeches, they’d have won their elections.

UPDATE: Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s thought this way.

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  • darren Link

    Al Gore did win his.

  • I’m sorry, darren, but Al Gore was not elected to the presidency. He won the popular vote but that is not enough under our system. That’s not a partisan statement. It is a fact. And no remedy sought by Gore/Lieberman in the courts would have given him the electoral votes. This has been determined by multiple non-partisan studies. Al Gore lost the 2000 election.

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