Kamala Harris Announces

California Sen. Kamala Harris has just announced her candidacy for the presidency. I will not vote for her.

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  • CuriousOnlooker Link

    She’s got a better chance of being President in 2021 then Trump does.

  • Gray Shambler Link

    Think she can go 15 rounds against the Trumpster?

  • steve Link

    I rarely vote FOR anyone, mostly against.


  • walt moffett Link

    Shes does have that lean and hungry look and a strong belief the State can do no wrong. While I’d against her, looking forward to reading her various white papers.

  • Andy Link

    I think if the current trends hold, then the Democrats have a huge advantage in the next election. But it all depends on who the Democrats nominate. Could Harris get the nomination and beat Trump? Maybe.

    But if she does win the nomination then I’ll likely vote third party again.

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