Just Vote “No”

I haven’t mentioned it yet. Objectively the worst mayor in Chicago history is running for re-election. Her campaign ads are running and are enough to turn the stomach.

At this point the following are actively running:

Willie Wilson
State Rep. Kam Buckner
Paul Vallas
Ald. Roderick Sawyer
Mayor Lori Lightfoot
Ja’Mal Green
Ald. Sophia King
Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson
U.S. Rep. Jesús “Chuy” García

Since the latest date to file has already passed, those are our choices. To the best of my knowledge Gov. Pritzker has demurred from endorsing anyone at this point.

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  • PD Shaw Link

    Vallas, eh? I’ll remember that name. (Insert obligatory Simpson’s gif)

  • Grey Shambler Link

    Be very, very careful.
    Racism, sexism, homophobia are powerful and ruinous labels easily adhering to anyone in the blogosphere who doesn’t tread lightly and sniff the wind for danger.

  • CStanley Link

    I don’t know anything about those candidates aside from the current mayor, but I presume they are all found to be lacking. The post reminded me of a comment made by a local radio commentator here in Atlanta, which went something like this: “Out of all the possible people in our state who meet the eligibility criteria for US Senators, the two major parties couldn’t find us one who hadn’t either shot at or run over an ex wife?”

  • steve Link

    Having an ex-wife I am not so sure I would regard those as negatives in my voting choices.


  • PD Shaw Link

    Lightfoot is not popular which is why she’s attracted a record number of opponents to a sitting mayor. But if there is a scenario in which she is re-elected, it’s a large field, allowing her a strong chance of finishing in the top two. Then she might win against a weaker opponent in the runoff, perhaps along identity grounds.

  • CuriousOnlooker Link

    When was the last time a mayor of Chicago lost an election?

  • PD Shaw Link

    Jayne Byrne lost re-election in 1983. I think she was mentioned in the latest Candyman movie for living a few weeks in the housing project at the center of the movie.

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