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I received this joke from one of my fellow Watcher’s Council members, a Russian now living in Israel. A traveller has arrived in the United States.

U. S. Customs agent: Nationality?

Traveller: Russian

U. S. Customs agent: Occupation?

Traveller: No, just visiting.

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  • michael reynolds

    You’ve been reading too many British papers. Here in America we only use on ‘l’ in traveler. Because of the environment. Saving pixels.

  • There are a lot of Britishisms in my spelling and even in my speech. Even more in my wife’s. She spells favor “favour”, color “colour”. British nuns.

  • Andy

    Of course Michael would notice an extra “l.” I bet he’s one of those guys who posts there/their/they’re jokes on Facebook…:)

  • michael reynolds


    I sell about as many books in the UK as I do in the states. It forces me to notice the differences. But coincidentally I just put a “there, their, they’re” complaint into the mouth of a character.

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