Is No News Bad News?

Where is the annual Social Security Trust Fund trustees’ report? It’s three months late.

Until the present administration publication within a month of its due date was the norm rather than the exception. I don’t blame the administration for the report’s tardiness but I do blame them for inattention to its tardiness. That’s part of the due diligence of managing the executive branch.

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    Just another sign of managerial in competence from the White House. But in my experience managers rarely fail to rush good news to their bosses, so one can fairly safely assume that the Trustees report isn’t good. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, though, but perhaps just status quo.

  • jan

    Isn’t this just part of the Obama Administration pattern of “do what I say and not what I do?

    Where has this administration been timely on submitting budgets? Sequestration deadlines were also dismissed. The legacy legislation — the PPACA — has been full of ‘delays,’ confusing numbers in delivering accurate, updated information regarding the real composition and validity of sign-ups. WH warnings towards overseas aggressive behavior and threatening red lines have evaporated as well, without explanations. So, a late SS Trust Fund report is par for the course — among a whole array of other late, forgotten, evolved issues, obligations and promises.

    Basically, accountability and honest disclosure, whether it’s domestic or foreign, are not valuable principles held by this president and his political posse. They merely make it up as they go along, espousing fantasized ideological visions for his base to soak up, demanding that they listen to the POTUS’s words, and put aside what other citizens may personally see and experience in their own lives, bank accounts, salaries, or diminished expectations for a better future.

  • steve

    While the sequester did not affect benefits, IIRC it did affect the administrative part of SS. The administration should have, maybe they did, gotten after the SS admin to get this out sooner.


  • PD Shaw

    One has to wonder if Dave has an app that keeps track of these deadlines for him.

  • It would be simple enough to use Outlook or Google Calendar if one were so inclined.

    And let’s be realistic here. Once you’ve waded through all of the persiflage Social Security is the federal government’s largest single expenditure (or expenditure class if you’d prefer). It’s not as though it’s one small detail lost in a sea of other small details.

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