Iraqi bloggers react to the execution of Saddam Hussein (updated)

Iraqi bloggers have begun reacting to and posting on the execution of Saddam Hussein last night.

Healing Iraq

The fear is evident on his face as he struggles to appear calm. He reportedly tried to resist when American soldiers handed him over to Iraqi guards, but then grew quiet and calm as he accepted a fate that was expected. The last moment appeal to a U.S. judge by Saddam’s lawyers to stay the execution was rejected.

The Shi’ite executioners and witnesses were reported to have danced around Saddam’s corpse after he was hanged while chanting Shi’ite religious slogans. The same situation was reported from the Green Zone by Al-Arabiya TV reporters who said members of the current Iraqi government were also celebrating. Iraqis took to the streets in Sadr City, Najaf and Basrah. Some carried portraits of Muqtada Al-Sadr and Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim, the new strongmen of Iraq.

He also posts the YouTube footage of the execution that was aired on Al-Iraqiya television.

Truth About Iraqis

This is about humiliation. Of Sunnis. Of Shias. Of Muslims. Of Arabs. Nothing else.

Iraqi authorities are refusing to hand over his body because they fear that the signs of torture will be visible and enrage Iraqis.

Remember O you who claim to follow Ali, Hassan and Hussein. Even Yazid delivered the corpses. Rememmber.

You’d think that the footage aired would dispel such rumors but I suppose that once they’ve made up their minds some will never be convinced of anything else.

neurotic iraqi wife

I also heard on the CNN that a witness that was present claimed some people started dancing around Saddam’s body after his execution!!! In Islam, thats a big no no. I guess I have to go now, but will write a longer past later tonight on my thoughts when Im in the privacy of my own room. Today marks the end of an evil era, the end of an evil era and the beginning of an even worse one…The Doomed Era…Iraq’s Doomed Era…

A Star from Mosul

Saddam’s death won’t lead to anything good, as did his arrest, and trial.. As I’ve said before, he was a dectator, but now, to me, he was not but a leader who made things work!


Saddam Hussein was the most tyrant dictator in the recent history of mankind. In no way that a simple article like this may be able to describe how ruthless he was. His tyranny and ruthlessness were not only against the Iraqis though they were the most sufferers but it involved so many other peoples.

Roads to Iraq

Saddam dies, they executed Iraq before they executed Saddam, the resistance continues, I think that the Iraqi resistance tomorrow can show the world that Al-Hakim, Al-Maliki, Al-Chalabi, and the rest of the gang and everybody sold himself to the Americans will never escape justice.

Thoughts from Baghdad

On the subject of Saddam Hussein, I still can’t believe that they hung him on the first day of Eid. Quite distasteful, quite blood-thirsty, very wrong. Like they’re handing him over on a gold plate to one group of Iraqis, and completely throwing the plate in the faces of the others. Making Eid a double Eid for some, and a bloody Eid for the others. So wrong.

As more Iraqi bloggers react I’ll update.

For a round-up of new media coverage and American blogospheric reaction see James Joyner’s and Joe Gandelman’s excellent posts.


Nabil’s Blog

I think the Iraqi government has taken this day to carry out the vedrict to revenge to themselves and to attack sunni community in an indirect way, because today was only the sunni’s Eid, not the shiite’s Eid..
They were eagred to execute him as soon as they can, to insure their wicked sick minds that the idea of Saddam coming back to power will be terminated, though they know that this won’t happen even if he remained alive..

Anyway, carrying out the verdict will not solve anything, and will not make the security situation any better, it will only make it worse, and by this bad timing they attacked an important sect of the Iraqi people, and I don’t think that this sect will remain harmless to what they’ve did..

Iraqi Konfused Kid

While I think that Saddam deserves a thousand hangings, I completely disapprove of the way they have handled this – they chose a very bad timing for it, the holy Eid is a day of joy, of happiness, of forgiveness, people do not want to start their day by watching a man insulted a thousand times with a rope at his neck, true, I completely understand the fact that there are hundreds of families who are glad to see Saddam suffer and die like their sons and families did, but they are not all Iraqis, and they are not all people, and true, maybe Shiites would feel there might be a religious conrguence for this timing as it is harmonious with the vengeful nature of Shiite Islam, as hatred of tyranny and cruel avengance are major pillars in their sect, when all the other people watch these images accompanied by the whole lot of insults and curses, on such a holy peaceful occasion, the feeling they give you is one of complete injustice and being cruller than the man they are hanging.

The joy that could have been to see Saddam executed was lost in the bad conditions to which Iraq is heading, from a strategic point of view, Saddam’s killing could go a long way in dispiriting Baathists, as Baath is largely a personality cult – it is without doubt a significant hit to morale, but it still remains unknown how far could this psychologically curb them.

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