Imaginative Polemic

I think I’m going to start collecting imaginative polemic. I’m certainly seeing a lot more of it and from what I’m seeing we may be entering a Golden Age. For example, here’s “Tyler Durden” at ZeroHedge:

While the report is about as useful as parsing binary voodoo entrails through the magic punch card-based 8 ball of a Princeton economist, it sure does provide for some candid laughs at what passes for “analysis” at the bank which, while falling about as much as BofA (and which Paulson is still three quarters pregnant with) in recent weeks, has seen hardly a peep out of any media outlet: captured or otherwise.

And my friend Mark Safranski on Fareed Zakaria:

Zakaria, who has never impressed me in the past, seems to be hustling overtime of late to become the Walter Lippmann of the 21st C. neoliberal transnationalist progressives who drive eco-friendly luxury sedans.

If you run into any good examples, please cite them in the comments.

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