I’m Spartacus!

Patterico makes the case that LA Times columnist Michael Hiltzik has been dropping comments at both Patterico’s and the LA Times’s blog under an assumed pseudonym. It’s not dispositive but it’s convincing. And amusing.

UPDATE: Formerly pseudonymous blogger Marc Danziger (Armed Liberal) comments.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  Mr. Hiltzik has been suspended from his activities as blogger for, according to the LAT, “ethics violations”.  This leaves me completely baffled.  Wouldn’t that imply that the LAT’s ethical standards for bloggers is higher than their standards for columnists?

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  • That is fucking appalling

  • What Hiltzik has done is nothing new.

    Using multiple names in an attempt to hide your already anonymous self to make a particularly offensive comment, or create phony allies for your arguments is considered bad form, and cowardly, and has resulted in lots of people being run off of websites, blogs, message boards, video game communities, etc in shame and ridicule.

  • phil Link

    “I’m Spartacus”

    That was a great movie moment.

    Marc Danziger? Wasn’t he the lead singer of the heavy metal band Danzig?

  • Ron Link

    The LAT has no standards for either columnists, bloggers, or reporters/writers/editors. The LAT is just treading water hoping all this will blow over soon so they can go back to the way it was. Go back to the way it was, before 9/11, before all the nonsense of people questioning the omniscience and perfection of the LAT.

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