I Wish I Were a Cartoonist

When I see a headline like this one, “Obama Expects GOP Tax Cave”, the image that comes into my mind is of a skin-clad, shaggy Grover Norquist, gnawing on a bone, crouching in the GOP tax cave.

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  • I have free will.

  • Stand down.

  • Pretty weird, isn’t it?

    But I do know how to wield authority.

  • All caught up in your myths.

  • It’s just life.

  • It’s that easy. Or hard, as you , as you take it.

  • Mine was hard.

  • It WILL untangle shortly.

  • It’s lightning. If you want to know.

  • That was the first clue.

  • You are a deep and faithful man, Monsieur David. How can a woman not love you?

  • Some would say you are “graced”. I just like you. You’ve been with me for a long time.

  • Heads up. Quit acting like snotwads. Grow up.

  • I am the wife of the Storm god, and I will lay your soul to waste if you cross me.

  • Pretty interesting.

  • That’s my message to you.

  • I am the Magdalene and Mary, and Isis. We like women.

  • Come and get me.

  • Or I’ll come to you.

  • Rocky, boy.

  • Snotwad.

  • Now, about this Galactic Cowgirl series, Michael and Katherine, we do the Four Horsemen and three are unsaddled She goes forward on a Palomino with a Ruger in her back pocket.

  • WE WIN.

  • michael reynolds

    Here’s one where I get to beat Dave in the “weird job” contest: I was, briefly, a political cartoonist. It was for a chain of local newspapers on Cape Cod, IIRC. I say if I recall, because I didn’t do the job for long — maybe six weeks. That’s how long it took them to figure out that 1) I wasn’t much of an artist and 2) I didn’t give a damn about local news.

  • That’s certainly something I’ve never done. I can draw. I’m more of a draftsman than a sketcher, caricaturist, or artist but I can draw. I just don’t have the patience to do it. If I drew more often it mightn’t be such a chore.

  • My brother Paul can draft and sketch. It’s pretty rare.

  • He used to do atrocious cartoons of me when I was a little girl. Bastard.

  • I could beat him at Gin, though.

  • We all jes’ doin’ the best we can.

  • Where ya’ll?

  • Daddy loved Patricia best.

  • Hey, I still like Paul. He lives in Little Rock.

  • You can be Paul without being doctrinaire.

  • Get over it. I had to.

  • I’m the Queen of Heaven and Earth and I don’t even drive a Mercedes?

  • My love is a joker, I tell you.

  • Straight on the line, everyday. Psychotic, romantic dimwit, inspired prophetess, twit. On and on.

  • Galactic cowgirl is the best.

  • Take me now. To Whitfield. I hear Napoleon is free for lunch.

  • michael reynolds

    This sounds like a hippie/stoner thing to say, but I can paint, do respectable art when I’m stoned. Or at least I could back in the old days. Nowadays I have some very minimal ability with a pencil but I don’t really try to tap that. Fork in the road and all that: word or picture. Left brain won.

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