I don’t care

The things that I don’t care about today are mounting fast:

  • Tom Cruise

      I haven’t seen a picture of his in the theater since Risky Business and I don’t plan on starting now. So he’s weird. All movie stars are weird. It goes with the territory.

  • The new CIA director

      I think that the agency and the confirmation hearings for its new director will both be train wrecks come what may and regardless of who is nominated.

  • Patrick Kennedy

      As I’ve written before, my heart goes out to the man. Period. And that the rich and powerful get special treatment? Blow me down, quelle surprise!

  • The Da Vinci Code

      It’s a work of fiction, people. Get a grip!

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  • “the rich and powerful”, you say?


    Only the rich and powerful Democrats.

    See also, Rush Limbaugh.

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