How Low?

Just as one measure of how low the turnout was in the precinct where I worked, at one point in the day pollwatchers outnumbered voters eight to one.

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  • jan

    It is yet to be determined how the recent low turn-outs bodes for the upcoming midterms. Even the much touted Fl 13 win by Jolly was achieved via a very low turnout. However, a rule of thumb is that motivated voters tend to turn out more than those who are uninterested, unmotivated or perhaps discouraged by what their party has done for them.

    The last point is what some pundits are turning to, in reflecting and then speculating on democratic voters coming out in November. After all, many of Obama’s voters were low-information ones, lured by promises of jobs, subsidies, a better life etc. So far, though, it has been the middle class and minorities who have been given the shaft by this administration’s policies. Wages and income are down, dependency programs are growing in their enrollments, college graduates are bummed, the PPACA has been plagued by intrinsic flaws, job growth is slow and mostly offering only low-skilled part time jobs. Basically, the lay-of-the-land reality out there is plainly not in sync with all the democratic rainbows promised and vocally painted by Obama during his election and reelection campaigns. It will be interesting to see how these processed lies, political deception, and flunking the expectations of the public plays out 8 months from now.

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