Shortly after Himshikar, a Nepali-Indian restaurant in my neighborhood, opened, I went there and was unimpressed. Recently, I checked its Yelp listings, decided that if they were any gauge they had cleaned up their act, and resolved to give them another try.

Last night I got carry-out from Himshikar. I got an order of samosas, some chicken momo, the tandoori mixed grill, and a pilaf and I was glad I did. It wasn’t the best Indian food or even the best Nepalese food I’ve ever had but it was pretty good and the price was right. The mixed grill included chicken, chunks of chicken breast, kabab, shrimp, and lamb. We could easily have fed three and possibly even four people.

For people living on the Northwest Side who don’t want to go all the way to Devon Avenue, Himshikar is a good bet. It’s a storefront—not fine dining but for carry-out or delivery it’s fine. And (at least for me) the five minute walk can’t be beat.

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  • steve Link

    Our experience in our area of the world is that Indian restaurants change much faster than others. They can be great for a few months, then go bad quickly, or fold in a matter of a few months after being incredibly busy. Really odd. However, if we are willing to make the long drive to New Jersey, we can find good stable restaurants. Go figure.


  • Modulo Myself Link

    I feel like the Indian food I’ve had in my lifetime can be divided into three categories:

    1) Too watery
    2) Too sweet
    3) good

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