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Girl Scouts in Colorado are not allowed to sell cookies in front of marijuana dispensaries:

Danielle Lei, an enterprising Girl Scout, sold more than 100 boxes of cookies in just two hours outside of a San Francisco medical marijuana dispensary last week. But the Girl Scouts of Colorado leadership is killing the buzz for local members, saying that Colorado scouts cannot likewise sell cookies in front of pot shops, despite recreational marijuana being legal in the state.

“Our position is really pretty simple,” Rachelle Trujillo, chief marketing officer for the Girl Scouts of Colorado, told The Huffington Post. “For years in our council, we’ve said it’s not appropriate for Girl Scouts to sell cookies outside of adult-oriented businesses, and marijuana dispensaries fall right in line with this policy. There’s a place for everything, and just like a liquor store or a gun show, a marijuana dispensary isn’t a place for young girls to be selling cookies. There are plenty of other options for customers of adult businesses to purchase cookies at other locations.”

A post on the official GSCO Facebook page noted Friday that cookie sales also aren’t allowed outside of bars, strip clubs or casinos.

There’s another great idea shot down.

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  • Red Barchetta

    One of the great all time spoof posters:

    In the foreground is a sweet looking girl scout with a bit of a bit of a devilish look on her face. Just a bit too smitten with herself. In the background is the fire department trying to battle a blazing fire at a house.

    The caption from the girl scout: “Maybe next time they will just buy the fucking cookies.”

  • jan

    I laughed when I read your joke, Drew. I can just picture the sweetness of a girl scout image with the firehouse going up in flames in the background. Females can be vindictive!

    BTW, it’s good to see you here.

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