Grand Theft Avocado

Here’s a headline that caught my eye—”Man arrested in Santa Paula avocado theft”:

A man was arrested Saturday on suspicion of stealing avocados in Santa Paula, police said.

Officers responded about 3 p.m. to the area of East Telegraph Road and Texas Lane regarding two people stealing avocados, authorities said.

When police arrived, both people tried to flee, authorities said.

An officer caught one suspect, who was found to have 53 pounds of avocados, police said. The other person dropped 54 pounds of avocados before fleeing, officials said.

Apparently, avocados are a prime target for drug addicts. They can be sold pretty easily on the street for a buck a piece, don’t attract much attention in Southern California, and aren’t easy to trace.

They weigh about a half pound each so a hundred pounds of avocados is a lot of avocados.

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    Sounds like this ought to be a cookie in the next GTA game. Screw up and die and you have to start over as avocado thieves!

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