Good Idea

There are two reasons I’d support Rahm Emmanuel as the chief of staff for a prospective Obama Administration:

Is Rep. Rahm Emanuel being courted to run the White House for Barack Obama? Or is that story just part of a big (not to mention premature) D.C. guessing game?

Aides and advisors to Obama and Emanuel — fellow Democratic members of Congress from Ilinois — are trying to tamp down the rumors.

“There’s no news because there’s no job to offer,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton said on behalf of his team. “We’re focused on one thing and that’s the election, not anonymous D.C. parlor games.”

It’s not the craziest idea ever floated. Emanuel was a key player in Bill Clinton’s administration and is an avid ally of Obama, his fellow Illinois Democrat. Both are fine credentials for the position in question.

The first reason is that he’s a smart, tough-minded guy and I’m sure he’d do a good job. The second reason is that, whomever the governor would appoint to fill his seat, those of us who live in the Illinois 5th District would stand a chance of getting a fulltime Congressman who’s actually interested in the district.

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