Game of European Thrones

There’s an interesting analysis of European politics by Ivan Krastev, Mark Leonard & Susi Dennison at the European Council on Foreign Relations. They divide European political opinion into four categories:

  • “House of Stark” —those who believe in the present system
  • “The Sparrows” (the Gilets Jaunes)
  • “The Daeneryses”—the Pro-European Left Behind
  • “The Free Folk”—nationalistic Euroskeptics

It might come as a surprise to you as it did to me that the single largest group is “The Sparrows” and the smallest the Euroskeptics. Read the whole thing.

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  • PD Shaw Link

    Having read all but the last published book, the categories don’t seem accurate. In particular, the House of Stark is remotely and reluctantly engaged in continental politics, and are seen as rubes from a distant land. When conflict arises over who should sit on the Iron Throne, the House of Stark withdrew and declared its independence. Most of the other Houses aligned behind whomever they supported to take the Iron Throne. In other words, the House of Stark are the nationalists, while Daeneryses and others are supporters of the European union, whose main difference is in who governs.

    That the authors would see Europeans as the people upholding tradition and norms seems to say a lot about the depth of those authors’ sincere self-admiration.

  • PD Shaw Link

    Anyway, the Euroweenies claim that the electorate is defined by a classic four square grid:

    Anti-Europe / Anti-Nation = 38%
    Anti-Europe / Pro-Nation = 14%
    Pro-Europe / Anti-Nation = 24%
    Pro-Europe / Pro-Nation = 24%

    Given that the subject is the upcoming European Parliament election, its most interesting that over a majority either “have given up hope” in the EU (Sparrows) or think that the EU is “a dangerous illusion.” (Free Folk) And I’m not sure they’ve included the UK in those percentages.

  • steve Link

    Most are anti-EU, but even more Anti-Nation. Not sure where that leaves voters. Vote for the dragons?


  • Andy Link

    Personally, I’m pretty tired of GOT hype and there are few comparisons between that storyline and the real world IMO.

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