From Bad to Worse

We went to bed at 10:30pm. At 12:30am we had an agitated dog, pacing and panting. We checked her gums for circulation (fine), her abdomen for distension (none noticeable). Her temperature was a little elevated and rising.

We got her to the emergency vet by 1:00am. The staff there took X-rays. The vet came back to explain to me that it looked as though Mira had developed bloat.

They gave us the alternatives of lavage (inserting a tube to remove the gas), surgery to correct the problem, or euthanization. As the vet went back to the operating area to begin lavage a technician brought a second X-ray: Mira’s stomach was beginning to twist. Lavage was no longer an option. Given Mira’s youth, good health, and the early stage of the condition, we chose an operation to correct the bloat.

After two hours in the operating room, the vet walked into the examination room in which I was waiting. What had initially been diagnosed as something that could be treated by releasing the accumulated gas from her stomach and monitoring the situation had progressed rapidly into something that required emergency surgery and then was declared inoperable.

I followed the vet into the operating room, touched Mira’s paws, kissed her goodbye, and within moments she was dead.

I’m still reeling. I can’t even write a proper tribute. She was so young—only four years old and had so much left to do.

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  • Ann Julien Link

    Her lovely spirit graced our world for a time, and she will be missed. I’m sorry for your loss, Love, Ann

  • Man, you are having a tough year with the dogs.

  • We’ve lost three in fifteen months.

  • Jeff Jeffry Link

    We are just devastated at the news of this loss. When I visited your home just several weeks ago, Mira looked great and was assuming her new roll in the pack. She will be missed by all. How are the other dogs doing?

  • They’re adjusting. The pups have been a little more rambunctious. Tally, somewhat surprisingly to me, has stepped a little more into the role of disciplinarian.

    My hope is that Mira was able to teach the pups enough that they’ll mature into the magnificent dogs they have the potential to be.

  • I’m so sorry for your loss.

  • “And what a life she has in front of her! ” How painful to read that! Oh, Dave.

  • Don Rubovits Link

    Talked to Tracy and Henrique an hour ago. They are stunned. Prior to a change in plans, Tracy was to have taken the plane that just crashed in Sao Paulo … when it was to return to Porto Alegre. And Henrique’s boss was to have been on that plane, but a meeting prevented him from catching it.

    And now I read about Mira.

    Life is precious. Enjoy every moment.


  • Dave, I’m sorry my comment yesterday didn’t find you and yours well. May the rest of the year hold better for you.

  • Katie Link

    Dave, I’m so sorry to hear about Mira. Bloat is a terrible, scary quick thing. One of my sams bloated many years ago (she survived) and it about scared me to death.

    You’ve had such a hard year with your dogs. You must have a hole in your heart large enough to drive a truck through.

  • My condolences to you Dave – I know the depth of attachment that you have with the dogs you raise. Very sorry that you are going through this again.

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