Four Out of Six

I guess the irony of this article at is going to be lost on most people. The headline of the article is “CEOs to Obama: ‘Get Out of the Way’ for Job Growth”. The article quotes CEOs from six companies: Energy XXI, Citigroup, Deloitte, Mylan Labs, International Paper, and PepsiCo.

What’s the irony? They are an oil company, a bank, an accounting firm, a pharmaceutical company, a paper company, a food and beverage company. Of the six four are ferocious rent-seekers. They might still exist without the patronage of the federal government but they sure wouldn’t exist in their present forms.

It may well be all six. There appears to be some controversy over International Paper’s rent-seeking. And I wonder how much of PepsiCo’s sales are government sales?

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  • michael reynolds Link

    Particularly rich coming from Citi.

  • Tina Link

    So where’s the damn article?

  • You can reach the article by clicking on the link in the post.

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