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I’ve just published a foreign policy-related post at Outside the Beltway:

Heading Off the Stupidest War

In a Washington Post op-ed Zbigniew Brzezinski proposes what I interpret as a formal guarantee of Israeli and, presumably, Saudi security. Is that so different from what we’re doing now? Is it the right thing to do?

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  • steve Link

    Why do we want to outsource our foreign policy decisions to Israel? If we do this, it needs to be very limited. A nuclear attack on Israel or Saudi Arabia would be treated as an attack on us. Let Israel deal with the consequences of conventional attacks. Even with this, why do we need to do it? Everyone knows they have lots of nukes. Since we wouldnt need to do much, I guess it wouldnt hurt much. I would oppose putting our troops in harm’s way for Israel for the most part. Not like they have been much of an ally.


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