Foreign Policy Blogging at OTB (Updated)

I’ve just published a couple of foreign policy-related posts at Outside the Beltway:

The Case Against War

There should be a predisposition against war and we should not engage in unjust wars. Although it is possible for a humanitarian military intervention to be just, not every humanitarian military intervention meets the standards for a just war. IMO making war against Libya under the present circumstances isn’t just.

Discussion Questions About Libya

Question 1

If the rebels against Qaddafi advance from their present strongholds, will the member states engaging in hostilities in Libya pursuant to UNSC Resolution 1793 bomb them? I don’t think so but I think the resolution might be construed that way.

Question 2

A collapse of the Qaddafi government wouldn’t automatically create a viable new government to replace it. Protestations of Resolution 1793 to the contrary notwithstanding, wouldn’t the member states engaging in hostilities against the Qaddafi government automatically become “occupying powers” under the presently prevailing laws of war with an obligation to preserve civil order in Libya until such time as the responsibility could be handed over to a new Libyan government? If not, why not?

I’ll expand this list as new questions occur to me.

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