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I’ve just published a foreign policy-related post at Outside the Beltway:

The Ukrainian Situation: I Yam What I Yam

This post originally was an evocation of “The Blind Men and the Elephant”. Then I realized there was a much better hook. There are lots of different perspectives on the Ukrainian crisis around today. In this post I discuss Christopher Clark’s historical perspective, Tyler Cowen’s game theoretical analysis, and what we can learn about the situation from Popeye.

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    I can’t get over how so many people just refuse to move on from the cold war. It’s been especially appalling that our leadership class has seen Russia solely as something to exploit economically and stomp on otherwise.

    The cold war was one of the most impressive strategic successes ever, no question. But it was time to move on 23 years ago.

    And somehow I think George Kennan would think our policies of recent decades was foolish. I should look up what he thought before he died.

  • We have always been at war with Eastasia.

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