Florida-based bloggers prepare for Wilma (UPDATED)

I originally was going to include this in my “Catching My Eye” feature this morning but it soon became clear that it was going to get substantial enough for a post on its own.

Quite a few Florida-based bloggers are preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Wilma. I’ll update this list throughout the day.

Marc Schulman of American Future is preparing for the worst. He’s been running fairly frequent updates. Here’s his most recent.

Val Prieto of Babalu Blog has posted some interesting or amusing graphics. I particularly like “The Plywood State”.

Boudicca’s Voice has posted a handy map of Florida bloggers. UPDATE: She’s updated her map here.

Frank J. of IMAO hasn’t posted on Wilma yet.

Frank’s fiancee SarahK of Mountaineer Musings is preparing to weather her first hurricane.

Pamibe hasn’t posted on Wilma yet.

Velociman hasn’t posted on Wilma yet.

GuyK of Charming Just Charming is getting the survival kit ready but thinks Wilma will miss them.

Lee Ann’s View is blogging from Tampa.

VW at One Happy Dog Speaks isn’t amused.

Ancient Mariner is in Ft. Myers and has resolutely not blogged about Wilma. But, as an old Chicagoan, he does have some great posts about the White Sox winning the American League pennant.

Stay safe, guys. Stick your heads up every once in a while and tell us what’s going on where you are.

UPDATE: In the comments Boudicca notes that she’s continuing to update her map.

More Floridian bloggers:

Bark Bark Woof Woof has been updating regularly. He has good advice: “Wherever you are, brace yourself, hang on, and hope for the best.”.

Michael Froomkin of Discourse.net blogs from Coral Gables.

Mark Lane of Flablog (Florida blog) hasn’t posted about the hurricane yet.

Robert C. Lakeland of Interstate4Jamming blogs from the Tampa Bay area.

Pensacola Beach Blog posts from, well, Pensacola Beach.

Ocean Guy posts from somewhere on A1A.

Former Watcher’s Council member The Smarter Cop blogs from near Eau Gallie.

Sticks of Fire blogs from Tampa.

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  • Advanced preparations are apparently under way.

  • Bought some extra beef jerky and told my sister I’d be bringing the tribe if necessary, but this looks like a south Florida phenomenon. We always dodge the bullets up here.

  • Thanks for remembering me!

  • We are all keeping our fongers crossed it will blow itself out in mexico and come visit us as a weak Tropical storm. Thanks for the link

  • I’m keeping the map updated. Thank you for the link!

  • I can’t figure out where some of these guys are to add them. It’s not obvious. I’m trying to go through their archives and find an ‘about me’, but it’s not there…

  • Done. Flablog is the only one I don’t know location for, everyone else is updated. Will be just post over the old one…

  • Hey – thanks for finding me!!

    best of luck to you during the weather.

  • Uodate: Ancient Mariner has now blogged about Wilma (pretty funny translation of the ambiguous “mandatory evacuation” order for Fort Myers Beach). I am encouraging him to liveblog if he has a working phone line.

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